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whoever says you can’t buy friendship has never bought a dog


I’m very tall, I’m 6’2, and I live a very active life and I’ve never been as hungry as that in my life, ever. I’ve never experienced the kind of stomach cramps and the lack of concentration, the dips in energy, and fatigue. It really brings home the effects of hunger in a very real way. Live Below the Line


asked: amy pond or donna noble?


i’m not a traditional witch





that’s almost too cruel

I had to do this once with Privateer II: The Darkening. It gained a bit when he said “I bet you didn’t play it through, I bet somebody just told you how…” and I was able to smile gently and say “God, possibly, since I wrote the game.” And plainly the Deity was with me that day, as I happened to be carrying docs from my UK agent (who’d done the deal) that showed not only that I was the writer, but the five-figure sum I had been paid. …It was a happy day for me. Not so much for him. I’d never had a referent for the word “slink” for a full grown male before. As in “slink away in utter dejection.” I smiled for at least three days without stopping. And am smiling now… I had completely forgotten about this.

Reblogging because “I beat the game” is fantastic, but “I wrote the damn thing” is even better.

I’m not a gamer but I’ll always reblog these.


Places of Middle Earth

  • grandma: DO YOU WANT AN APPLE
  • me: no thanks grandma
  • grandma: HERES YOUR APPLE



you know, lady stuff